Smoothies are an awesome transport mechanism for protein and for the vitamins and fiber found in berries or other fruits (today was mango!).

I usually go light on the fruit because I don't want a big sugar spike, and a little goes a long way.

Smoothies are also great because they are frosty, delicious, filling, and a very easy meal or fulfilling snack.

I use high quality protein powder* for a meal portion of this macronutrient, because it is a challenge sometimes for some of us to get enough protein in per day. I have come to the conclusion that for me, plant based protein is preferable. I usually use pea protein, and I like this Vega brand you can usually find at Costco because it tastes good and it also includes more nutrients with added greens.

Note the number of scoops it takes to get a full serving of protein. This differs between brands.

*watch for my upcoming review of protein powders!!

To be on a muscle building / fat burning regimen requires enough protein to fuel the muscles as they build - repair - rebuild. In trying to lose fat, calorie (i.e. energy) intake must be lower than energy expenditures. In part that is why I am conscientious about how much fruit I put into my smoothie.

Your equation may be different than mine. Regardless, that protein and those fruits and veggies are going to be important for all of us!

I have found a good combination that I love and doesn't put me over the top of my calories.

I use a base of unsweetened almond milk. It has only 35 calories depending on the brand you use, and it gives the smoothie a creamy base. Some people like to use a base of water or Coconut water.

1 cup unsweetened Almond milk ~ Ice ~ scoop protein ~ teaspoon cocoa ~ small cupped handful berries OR 1/2 small banana OR frozen mango

~ dash Stevia (if desired)

This image above is just a shot into my Vitamix of the almond milk with raspberries I put together for a smoothie. I just thought it was a nice composition!

I am going to go enjoy my smoothie now!

Do you have a smoothie combo that you love and works for you? I would love to hear about it in the comments!! Or send me an email at jennifer at



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