Coconut veggie wraps: 7 plus ways!

I love these wraps and you can use them as you would a tortilla. Tonight I took my favorite combo of raw veggies (it was what I had on hand) and wrapped them with a peanut sauce. yum.

The combos are endless. Here are a few savory ideas:

roasted sweet potato ~ red onion ~ tofu ~ peanut sauce


fresh cucumber ~ cream cheese


tomato ~ lettuce ~ mayo ~ bacon (or fake bacon)


roasted broccoli ~ roasted cauliflower ~ lemon-tahini sauce


buffalo mozzarella ~ tomato ~ pesto or basil ~ balsamic reduction


almond butter ~ green apple slices ~ shredded coconut


spinach ~ artichoke hearts ~ feta cheese

Let me know in the comments if you try one of these combos - or, even better, create your own! Bon apetit.



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