Why I love my Hydro Flask

It took me forever to have a consistent practice of drinking water. I just didn't want to do it very much, it was a bother. That was, until, I got a Hydro Flask.

The first thing I love about it is that there is no plastic*, My 20 oz. red container - I take it everywhere with me. The second thing is it keeps my cold water cold.

When I was advised I should be drinking half my weight in ounces of water daily, I decided to go up in ounces and purchase the 32 oz. size. I can drink three of these and easily cover half my weight in ounces.

I like the straw top (*the straw is plastic if that is a concern). It makes it SO easy to sip water on a regular basis. I literally drink more water with a straw. It is easy. It is clean. It has an easy to use little loop hook on the top to carry it around.

I'm really in love with the design, the color, and the materials. I love that I am getting my daily water intake, easily and consistently, making my cells and cell linings happier.



Start simple.



Move your body daily.



Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!

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