Buddha Bowls and bio-individuality

What could be a better mood-booster than a big bowl of veggies in a variety of colors and textures all assembled into a crunchy savory meal of goodness?

Where each bite is different and uniquely yours? Created by you, for you.

If you have never heard of a buddha bowl (also called hippie bowl or rainbow bowl) just do a search on Instagram and Pinterest where you will find many yummy inspirations. No two are the same.

They are as individual as the person who makes them and that is the key.

Bio-individuality Explained

Bio-individuality is the theory that each of us have a different genetic makeup and therefore unique and differing nutritional needs - one way of eating does not work for all. Joshua Rosenthal talks about this research from the Personalised Nutrition Project, supporting the theory. Our gut biome (bacteria) is unique to each of us.

To investigate why people were so different, the researchers looked at the make-up of the participants’ microbiomes: the rich collection of bugs that lived in their guts. They found that the types of microbes they harboured had a significant impact on how their bodies responded to meals.

Since my body and your body responds differently, and, we have our own preferences, the important point here is to tune in and listen to your body and to learn what makes it and what makes you feel good. You want to eat for feeling energized and uplifted after eating, not heavy and full.

Buddha Bowls are great because they are what you want them to be pulled together with intention and love in a bowl of deliciousness. My buddha bowls always include leafy greens. Many buddha bowls include a healthy grain as a base (quinoa, sprouted brown rice). Protein (not soy, unless fermented) is a must. Variety, crunch, color, and some kind of savory sauce (go lightly on good healthy fats) to accentuate.

My Buddha Bowl, Your Buddha Bowl

Loving recipes, food, nutrition, and eating as much as I do, I thought it was about time to come up with a template for a regular healthful meal to eat, "my own buddha bowl".

Buddha bowls are generally how I like to eat anyway... is this true for you? In my nutrition journey I had been very consciously adding colors and textures to my bowl. Always red beets, sometimes fermented (think kimchi). Leafy greens. Small amount of starch (5 bites) while I am in fat-burning mode. Colorful peppers. Crunchy radishes. Olives, nuts, seeds. Light vinaigrette.

I am gaining the tools and knowledge to be aware of serving sizes that work for me as I have a goal of burning fat and gaining muscle. Pile up the leafy greens as much as I can eat! Kale is my first choice.

Next, adding a variety of colors, textures, and veggies, is important - for making the bowl interesting and also for our gut biome - they thrive on variety. I know my protein serving size is the size of my palm in thickness and area - this is usually about a half chicken breast. Or two eggs. Or three-quarters of a salmon patty from Costco.

The fun thing about Buddha Bowls they are never the same twice. Won't it be fun to vary a few nutrient-rich and delicious sauce recipes, or hot sauces?

Variety is the spice of life. You can have fun creating bowls depending on what is in season.

And, might your buddha bowl be worth a special beautiful bowl that is all yours? A vessel for the macro-nutrients that feed you.

Your Buddha Bowl can become loving ritual for your self-nourishment and care.

As I transition and perfect my ideal Buddha Bowl, every day I get to choose the foods that help me be at my best energy. Foods that lift me up, leave me feeling good, satisfied, content. The opposite of full and heavy. I'm excited to play with different sauces.

--Maybe a tahini cream with a hint of turmeric, lemon, and black pepper?

--Avocado-lime-cilantro cream?

--Cashew cream with a bit of a spicy kick?

--Organic shredded cheese? Liquid aminos? Salsa?

What are the components that make up your ideal Buddha Bowl?

Will you have consistent ingredients that will always be in your bowl?

Maybe you will make a new discovery with tomorrow's creation. And new discoveries each time you make your bowl...of the whole foods that lift you up and make you feel strong, and cared for.

Of the foods and components you share with your family as they put together their own bowls, being present to their nourishment.

Each day you have an opportunity - you will never be able to recreate today's exact bowl of goodness and flavor again.

You can come close, but pouring your feelings into your food and truly being present with each special bowl is part of the pleasure of feeding ourselves.

Your Buddha Bowl can reflect you, your best choices for you and what the earth has to offer you. Please share your creations and tune in to your feelings as you eat them - #buddhabowl



Start simple.



Move your body daily.



Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!

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