About Jennifer

Information Specialist.

Tenured Professor. 
Full Time Mom. 
Nutrition Coach. 
Depression Sufferer. 
Healthy Habit Former. 
Lifelong Learner. 
Travel Lover. 
Journal Keeper.
Avocado Whisperer.
PN (Precision Nutrition) 
Level 1 certified coach.

I started Food & Mood, because on my quest to manage my own health and emotions 

I have hit some lows and inspiring high points. 


I have been driven by wanting to be as healthy as I can be as I age

and serve as a good example for my daughter in healthy eating and movement. 


I found I needed help in how to think about nutrition,

especially after recovering from major surgery

I also found I sometimes need support to consistently exercise.


As a food lover, I wanted to find a balance between

enjoying good food

and managing body weight


In the past I have been controlled by my emotions,

and let my feelings lead the way, rather than

take control over those emotions

and use that energy to serve my life goals.


I have put together more pieces of the puzzle with food and mood that work;

I want to share and help you on your journey


I take my research, information, and nutrition coaching skills

to get you the information you need

when it comes to your health and wellness behaviors 

to improve your life, for the long run.

Alongside my career in academia,

I am certified (PN1) as a Precision Nutrition coach.  

I have key knowledge of nutrition

for changing body composition

and nurturing your body with the nutrients it needs.

Paying attention to your nutrition is a game changer.


I am educated in mindset and psychology of behavior change; 

that is some of the most important, powerful stuff

you will find here at Food & Mood.

Enjoy your journey!


The Food & Mood Philosophy

Learn to know and honor your own TRUTH.

There is POWER when we recognize what is most important for us in our own journey.  Once we know we can ACT on that personal knowledge.

We need to apply COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY in our choices (these are not easy, we know, this is the area we provide the most support and programs in, while YOU are always in the driver's seat).

Most of us require a PERSONAL SUPPORT TEAM of friends and the right professionals to keep us on track with our goals, hopes, and desires. 

Be open. 

Be curious.

About you.

About new ways of doing things.

You don't need to be a health fanatic, or perfect,

just  be open to looking at your patterns,

your habits. 

When you make a change for the better in one area of your of your life, it will create welcome 

results in other areas.

More About Food & Mood 

There can be so many distractions and so much stress in our busy lives, that we sometimes overlook the things that actually are the most important. 


Our personal health and our emotional state.


Food & Mood helps you make meaningful choices in eating and daily habits, to be the best version of  YOU. 


We know some key components to managing emotions and health, including:


A plant-based approach to eating.  

Learning to be mindful.  

Becoming intentional in our habits. 

Specific vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

We hope you will enjoy the reviews, stories, and programs provided here.

Plans and signing up here.   Special daily online coaching program info here.

Some of the links found on this site are affiliates, which means I get a small percentage of a purchase made through Food & Mood. This is a business in alignment with my personal values and practices and I only recommend products and services I believe in. 

Contact me if you 'd like to explore working together.

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