Jennifer W.
Information Specialist.
Tenured Professor.
Full Time Mom.
Nutrition Coach.
Depression Sufferer.
Healthy Habit Former.
Lifelong Learner.
Travel Lover.
Journal Keeper.
Avocado Whisperer.
PN (Precision Nutrition)
Level 1 certified coach.

At Food & Mood, I take my research, information and nutritional coaching skills to get you just the right information you need, making your life simpler, easier, and faster. 


I help you make meaningful choices in your eating and your daily habits, to be the best version of  YOU.


I know, because in my own quest to manage my emotions and health, I have hit some lows and inspiring high points, putting together more pieces to the puzzle that work. 


  • A plant-based approach to eating. 

  • Learning to be mindful. 

  • Becoming intentional in our habits.

  • Specific vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

I hope you will enjoy the reviews and stories provided here.


You don't need to be a health fanatic, or perfect, just  be open to making changes in

your habits.

When you make a change for the better in one area of your of your life, it will create welcome

results in other areas.

You want to make the best choices  when it comes to how you feel, both in  body and mind!

And "diets" may work temporarily.  Yet you are ready for sustainable, long-lasting change.

You have dreams and goals you are working towards, and are frustrated by slow progress, whether that is in a business pursuit, your relationships, or making a change in your surroundings at work or home.

You have infinite potential, if only you could harness the positive energy to make things happen.


Yes, It is so easy to get overwhelmed, and then freeze and do nothing, when there is so much conflicting information and advice out there, on all the topics


This is true no matter what but can be particularly tricky when it comes to food and mindset.  These areas are easiest to fall back on old patterns.  Everybody eats, everybody thinks, and we all have our own preferences and patterns.

And yet, shaking things up in our eating and thinking can have profoundly positive effects on all areas of our lives.


So even if you don't have a passion for nutrition there is advice here that can help aid you in your true passion. 


I review the research and tips that can help you make reasonable choices that work for your own self-regulation, moods, nourishment, and holistic health.

*Any significant changes you make to your diet or exercise practice should be done in consultation with a medical professional.

Some of the links found on this site are affiliates, which means I get a small percentage of a purchase made through Food & Mood. This is a business in alignment with my personal values and practices and I only recommend products and services I believe in. 

Contact me if you 'd like to explore working together.

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